Secure Invoice
Payment Tool

Create and send invoices with surcharges via your secure portal.

  • Offer multiple payment options from credit/debit to ACH and e-checks.
  • Allow customers flexibility to pay via a secure, customized email or a payment link on your site.
  • Enable subscription billing and stored card options with Quickbooks integrations.

Interchange Optimization

Seamlessly recapture up to 20% of interchange fees by delivering more data with each transaction.

  • Automatically and securely obtains and sends key buyer information which reduces fraud risk and your processing rates.
  • Automatically incorporate Level II and Level III data to reduce your bank’s processing rates.

Fraud Prevention

Lower Transaction and Administrative Costs by mitigating fraud before it starts.

  • Automatically identify, stop, or refund fraudulent transactions to avoid operational expense tracking and disputing fraud charges.
  • Minimize false card declines which can lower customer conversion by up to 4%; 58% of customers have lower transaction spend or never return

Chargeback Management

Decrease time and administrative costs disputing transactions.

  • Avoid $30 per chargeback dispute and representment costs using automated chargeback offerings.
  • Open source system accesses best-in-class chargeback management tools at the click of a button.

Smart Transaction

Automatically Increase Revenue via offering multiple payment options and smart routing.

  • Increase transaction conversions by up to 30%.
  • Improve your transaction acceptance rates by intelligently routing every transaction across multiple gateways and processors for lower decline rates, 100% uptime, and reduced latency.

Reduce Processing Rates and Administrative Costs by finding the lowest priced payment providers on every transaction.

  • Access 120+ payment gateways and 12+ direct processor connections.
  • Eliminate ongoing integration costs by adopting new gateways, processors, and payments services seamlessly using ONE no-code, fully customizable and PCI compliant integration point.